C&R has been in the shares registry business for 30 years. Shares Registry is a distinct component within the capital markets industry which comprises multi-faceted stakeholders including brokers, investment banks, nominated advisors, the Central Depository, the Securities Exchange and the Capital Markets Authority, the regulator.

As a Shares Registrar, C&R provides investor relations services, to assist companies in ensuring governance, compli- ance, efficiency and accuracy with shareholder management. These services include register monitoring and compli- ance reporting; this requires a keen understanding of the capital markets industry, and review of new acts and regulations which have impact on register maintenance, and advising clients of the impact and any suggested remedial actions. Our clients can rest assured in our market monitoring and advice.

As shares registrar, we also work with clients in cost effective and efficient ways of communicating with, and updating, large numbers of shareholders. We are set up for bulk operations; we have the necessary systems and facilities to manage large shareholder traffic, to receive, monitor and process high volumes of shareholder requests while always maintaining strict verification and control standards. We provide an online and mobile platform for general shareholder enquiries and routine client reports.

AGM management, and efficient verification and registration, of high shareholder traffic within a short period is another key service area. Our AGM system is designed to efficiently process these registrations in real time.

Shares registrars typically provide dividend management services, including processing, monitoring and reconciliation of dividend accounts, and our experiences and processes have been developed over 30 years of business. We embraced mobile dividend payment and pioneered the commercialization of this dividend payment mode with C&R’s M-Mgao, by liaising with mobile payment service providers to build in requisite verification standards for dividend payment. We have close relations with other third party stakeholders that allow a comprehensive solution across the full supply chain of dividend payment for our clients. We are therefore able to provide differentiated customer experience to our clients.

Shares Registrars also provide value added services in the areas of special projects for new equity issues, e.g. IPOs, new Listings, Rights Issues, Bonus Issues. C&R’s track and market record in provision of these services is impressive.

Understanding what a Shares Registrar should do for your business is the first step in making the right decision. The capital markets is by its nature a fast moving industry and efficiencies, integrity and accountability can only be achieved by having a clear distinction and appreciation of the role of each stakeholder.

Share Register Maintenance

This entails keeping the share registers our clients and ensuring that the information on the registers is updated. It also entails ensuring that the registers are kept in accordance with the Companies Act or any other statutory modification as well as Articles of Association. This includes: -

Systems Register Maintenance and Database Integrity
Regular reconciliations with the Central Depository System to reconcile the register thereof to issued share capital
Static Data amendments/updates of certificated shareholders.
Verification/Certification and processing of immobilizations and Private Transfers.
Control and Management of Returned cheques
Reconciliation and closure of the register for any Corporate Action
Extraction of eligible shareholders for any Corporate Action
Shareholder Communication and Correspondence.
Counter and Advisory services
Monthly processing of information and Reporting to CMA, NSE-or other securities and Company Secretary.


Dividend Payment Management and processing

C&R undertakes the management of dividends from data files preparation of dividend allotments per eligible shareholder, calculation of funding requirements, customized printing of cheques, dispatch of dividend payments( Mobile Payments, RTGS, EFTs, Cheques), reconciliations and maintenance of unclaimed dividend records involving: -

Opening, managing and operating bank accounts in respect to each dividend ( based on agreement with our clients) and reconciliation of same
Calculation of dividend entitlement and reconciliation of report to dividend declared
Reconciliation and closure of Register as per the payment timetable
Requisition of stationery and personalization of shareholder addresses
Printing of dividend cheques
Sorting and dispatch of dividend cheques to shareholders
Electronic payment of Dividends where bank mandates are available
Remittance of withholding tax
Ongoing management by replacing lost or misplaced dividend cheques


Unclaimed Dividends Management

C&R has vast experience in the management of unclaimed dividends. We prepare dividend files for most of our clients. Once a new dividend is paid out, we retain custody and management of the unclaimed dividend accounts and do so in a responsible and transparent manner to the satisfaction of our clients,
The management of the unclaimed dividend funds includes:

Monitoring the liquidity and the funds flow in the operating dividend accounts
Handling all queries with regard to unclaimed dividends
Authorisation for replacement dividend cheques
Any other unclaimed dividend enquiries or duties or reporting, as required


Registration of Share Transfers/ Transmissions and Immobilizations

Registration of Private transfers and transmissions
Verification and notations of share certificates presented by stock brokers involving private transfers prior to approval by Nairobi Securities Exchange and Capital Markets Authority.
Verification and Processing immobilization of certificates and transfer of shares to Central Depository System.
Filing of annual company returns.
Liaising with Nairobi Securities Exchange, Central Depository and Settlement, and Capital Markets Authority with regard to all issues involving shares registration.


Provision of Shareholder services on Walk-In, Call Centre and Correspondence basis

We provide the following services:-

Appropriate facilities and channels for shareholders queries, correspondence and general enquiries
Handling and responding to shareholder queries and correspondence, as well as dealing with general queries and complaints.
Verification of signatures on member instructions.
Maintenance of member records involving static detail changes and dividend payment records
Providing feedback to brokers, CDAs and the wider investor community on shareholders’ actions, as required

The above services are offered through service structure centres which comprise of the call centre, correspondence centre, reference centre, broker liaison and query resolution to ensure efficient and effective attention to all shareholder inquiries.


Administration of AGM’s/EGM’s and providing shareholder information


This entails assisting our clients with the running of the AGM and includes;-

Distribution of annual reports and notices of meetings to shareholders
Receiving and compiling proxy form information.
Managing attendance register and shareholder registration at venue of meetings and conducting polls if needed.

    • Value Added Services

      C&R is the first company in East Africa to offer Issuers and Shareholders an online shares access facility via the internet and mobile phones.

      Our platform is a vital tool today for listed companies (Issuers) and the actual investors (Shareholders). It provides Issuers access to monitor their registers movements at any given time and extract any information on the shareholding structures, taxation positions, dividend history as well as free alerts of proceedings within the market at large.


    Employees Stock Option Scheme Management

    Share plans are increasingly becoming one of the driving forces of employees and executive motivation as well as retention in Kenya and world as a whole. If successfully implemented and managed, employee and executive share plans help foster a sense of ownership and commitment to the company. The services we offer to make these ventures a great success to companies are;

    Register maintenance
    Share allocation
    Dividends processing and distribution
    Reconciliation of plan data
      Employee statements/Employer level reports
    Proxy labels
    Compliance testing





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